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Sonya Eckel Book Walking In His Promises
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God is FOR you! 

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If you are a Christian entrepreneur looking to RESET your Money Mindset according to God's Word, you're in the right place.

Here's your home for resources, training, and information to take your financial mindset to the next level.
Consider this your space where you can find just that.


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Sonya Eckel is passionate for Jesus and loves helping others live within Biblical blessings!


She is a physical therapist by trade and 14-year veteran in the direct sales industry. 


She resides in Texas. She and Willie have been married for 23 years and have four sons, Jake, Luke, Benji, and Sam. 

She has developed a multi-million dollar sales team that is recognized for its team culture of success and synergy. 


Her training has impacted the lives of thousands. 


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“If you're an entrepreneur seeking next level success, Walking In His Promises is the book for you. Sonya’s success stories coupled with the beautiful written word will inspire you to pursue your dream life. She highlights our boundless potential for greatness when we partner with God. This book is not just a must-read, this is a complete game-changer for your business and life.

Michelle Cunningham
International Best-Selling Author, Do It Anyway, Girl

“I have known Sonya for over 14 years. She is an amazing wife, mother, leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and friend. Her insights on finances come from her detailed study of the Bible and her personal faith journey. Through her book, you will be challenged and stretched to see money in a new and healthy way. As you read each chapter, your faith will grow so you can walk out your full destiny and accomplish all that God has created you for!”


Debbie Bolton

Norwex Co-Founder

"As you prepare to open the pages of this book be ready for a spiritual awakening. Walking in His Promises is less about money and more about wealth — spiritual, emotional, and social abundance —from a biblical perspective. Discover the treasures God has in His word for your life, family, and 'your neighbors'. Sonya does a terrific job unwrapping the blessings that God promises in His word for you and to those He leads you. Are you ready for a spiritual and financial paradigm shift? Walking in His Promises will get you Ready, Set, and RESET!"


Lawrence Miller, MBA

“Walking in His Promises is a must-read! Wherever we start our journey, it is likely that we picked up beliefs about money from verbal and non-verbal cues. This book is helpful in directing a deep look into these and helps to become aware of the impact these beliefs are having on your life and results. I hope that this material becomes available with a coaching support option as well! Thanks for using the gold standard for truth (God's word) to show us how to live joyfully and embrace abundance!” - Joan, Top Direct Sales Leader

“The book “Walking In His Promises” by Sonya Eckel is such a gift not only to Sonya’s direct-selling team, but to all those who desire to break away from money mindsets that have been crippling and toxic to them as an individual, and therefore affecting other aspects of their life. Personally, I walked into the book with such curiosity, and finished the book, feeling lighter, with vision and freedom to dream by allowing myself to be led by Christ in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend reading the book even if you are at the very least, curious about what it means to have a money-mindset RESET.” - Evelyn, Direct Sales Leader

"A life changing book! Such a blessing! This is a recommended read for anyone seeking to transform their mindset about money in a way that aligns with biblical principles and strengthens their faith in Christ. The author shares valuable insights on how to let go of false beliefs that hinder us from experiencing God's abundance. Drawing from personal experiences, Eckel highlights her own journey from scarcity to abundance by focusing on God's promises of blessings found in scripture. This well-crafted book is relatable, easy to understand, and filled with wisdom and biblical teachings. I especially appreciated the author's inclusion of prayers directly from scripture, as well as the practical tips and relevant verses that can help reset one's money mindset. With its clear writing style, emphasis on generosity and stewardship, and actionable steps, this book is also an excellent resource for small group studies."

Leiah Sedlecky, Ph.D.

"Walk with Him 💖 This book is exactly what I was looking for with sound, Biblical principles to reconstruct my beliefs on money. Just enough personal examples are used to keep me engaged while keeping the focus on how to apply His Truths to my life.
I highly recommend this book for new Christians as well as those well-versed.” ~Katarina

"Inspired! This book is inspired! It is so much more than just about money but God’s promises, faithfulness and love for us. In a world full of greed and fight for the almighty dollar, this book is refreshing and encouraging. Something all believers should read. Sonya is a joy and so genuine!" ~Natalie

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